Virginia State Inspections

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Is your car or truck up for state inspection?

Schedule one today with Carr Fleet Automotive. Our certified technician will carry out the inspection fast and according to state standards. We have the expertise and equipment to accurately determine the condition of your vehicle’s vital components, ensuring that everything is in great shape.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a state inspection.

Experience Quick and Reliable VA State Inspections

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires vehicle owners to schedule a state inspection every year. It may sound like a hassle for some people, but with Carr Fleet Automotive, you can have more convenient and stress-free inspections. Our main goal is to help keep your vehicle safe and in tip-top shape. That way, your vehicle won’t be a safety hazard to you and other people on the road.

Rest assured that once your vehicle passes the inspection,

you will get a new valid inspection sticker right away — allowing you to drive your vehicle legally. In case our certified inspector finds any issues with your vehicle, we will schedule you for a re-inspection. The good news is we have expert service technicians who can help address those detected problems, so your vehicle will be in passing shape before the scheduled re-inspection.

Schedule Your State Inspection Today

If you are looking for reliable state inspections, make sure to schedule an appointment with certified and fully-equipped inspectors. You can count on Carr Fleet Automotive to provide a hassle-free experience from start to finish. We guarantee to complete the inspection as quickly as possible — helping you complete this state-mandated requirement in no time.

Contact Carr Fleet Automotive today.

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